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4th Axis on Table- Router Option

4th Axis on Table- Router Option

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A photo of the interior control box is necessary.


The 4th Axis indexing system allows for square and rectangular stock to be easily chucked, allowing for the production of impressive turnings such as gun stocks, railing posts, chair legs, and corbels.

This feature is constructed from a robust 4-jaw steel lathe-style chuck head powered by a direct-drive high-torque high-accuracy motor allowing you to index your material so that the CNC Router can reach multiple sides of a work piece. 

This will require a 4th Axis CAM package (Sold separately)

This accessory add-on may require additional wiring to be installed on the machine, with the relevant wire size dependent on the machine's size chosen. Detailed instructions for installation are included with this add-on, but our technical support team is also available for any inquiries.


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